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Solutions to the most common quality of life debilitating problems including Fatigue, Obesity, Depression, Neurologic & Emotional Dysfunction and More…

Your Strategic Wellness Solutions Membership gives you access to a dedicated support and services team to reach your optimum health goals.


  • A free health consultation
  • Product Discounts
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  • Corporate Wellness
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Everyone should recognize that their health is more important than anything else in their life. Without good or even functioning health you have very little else. This includes wealth, love and all other joys. Additionally, the greater your health the more productive is your life and the greater is your Quality of Life.

Strategic Wellness Solutions, offers the opportunity to regain your health as well as maintain it well into old age. The key to great health understanding how your body functions (accurate health information), how well you incorporate those correct strategies (compliance), and to pinpoint how accurate these strategies are (customized health care which is different for everyone).

Strategic Wellness Solutions will address the information and customization aspects of health while you must incorporate the compliance component.

Here are the amazing benefits you will realize with a membership in Strategic Wellness Solutions:

  • Uncover the underlying causes of all your health issues
  • Offering easily understood, accurate solutions to regain and maintain optimal health
  • Dramatically decrease the cost of achieving optimal health and a high quality of life
  • Uncovering your genetic weaknesses which undermine your health then providing the roadmap to optimal health specifically for you
  • Quick, accurate, healthy and efficient solutions to reach optimal health
  • Offering solutions to the most common problems that compromise our lives- fatigue, obesity, depression, chronic illness, neurologic degeneration, emotional dysfunction, overall healing, anxiety and much more

You will not find a health site (information, delivery and customized solutions) more dedicated to directly finding your pathway to health and a high quality of life.


Zyto Evaluations

A Zyto evaluation is a cutting edge health assessment technology that uncovers all issues (small and large) the body is dealing with and exactly how to resolve them.


High level health assessment;  determines exactly how to resolve these health problems;  non invasive and real time assessment

Gene Snp

Evaluates your genetic makeup and determines exactly how to treat so bad genes do not manifest themselves in disease.


Customizes your health treatments;   only need a one time test as genes do not change


Chiropractic treatment will assess the alignment of the body and correct it.   This is the source of many health issues.


Treatment of structural alignment and treatment of many pain issues.


An accurate early assessment of health issues and treatment based on a 4000 year old treatment from the Chinese


Accurate health assessment;  early detection of health issues that become much easier to treat when detected earlier.


Relaxing therapy that relaxes muscles and resolves many pain issues.


Relaxing and therapeutic;  able to help people with pain, sleep and dealing with anxiety

Sport & Fitness Clubs

Discount memberships at local health clubs.


Exercise helps people become healthier, have more energy and prevent disease.


Treatment to identify and treat psychological and emotional issues which can manifest into physical health issues.


Resolving emotional and psychological issues can resolve many health issues which could be the source of problems and low productivity.


Discount Products and Technology

Receive a 10% or more discount on all health products and technology

Weight Loss Programs

A predictable, complete weight loss program.    Excess weight is the cause of many health issues including diabetes, fatigue, joint degeneration, cancer, cardiovascular disease and more.

Health Management

Instead of treating disease and suppressing symptoms prevention of illness and factors which interfere with quality of life and production will be averted or reversed.

Our treatments you can receive with your membership are cutting edge, will dramatically improve the quality of your life, significantly reduce yours and your family’s health care costs and prevent most illness.   

This is the basis of a joyful and productive life.

Meet One of Our Featured Providers:

Dr. Bob Johnson, DMD. brings to his practice and clients years of professional experience as a biologic dentist with a background and continuing education in areas of naturopathy, osteopathic and integrative medicine.

Dr. Bob is a unique health practitioner who utilizes his training in multiple areas of health to consult and coach individuals, groups, and teams. He knows that attaining optimal health requires the patient’s participation to customize an integrative approach designed specifically to address each person’s goal for optimal health.

Dr. Bob’s specialty is working predominately with clients who are interested in a natural, wellness-centric, approach to managing their health. This most especially includes those who have not seen any notable success navigating the traditional western medical, pharmaceutically based, health care system.

Dr. Bob’s personal passion and caring are obvious to all and he feels that the most important first steps are to build a strong and caring relationship with each client.

Dr. Bob Johnson, DMD

Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Dental School
Continuing Education in the areas of Naturopathy, Osteopathic & Integrative Medicine
Global training with top clinicians in the UK, Asia and North America
US National Class Runner and Triathlete

Concierge Healthcare Membership Plans

Concierge Healthcare Membership Plans

Choose your preferred Annual Membership plan. All plans provided the same services and discounts; the Family Plan covers up to five family members.

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  • Individual Plan
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  • Couples Plan
  • Private Health Consultation
  • Discounted Products
  • Practitioner Network Services Discounts
  • Discounts on all Purchases
  • Educational Articles & Ebooks
  • Annual Membership $225
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$ 112 /Annually
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  • Up to Five Family Members
  • Private Health Consultation
  • Discounted Products
  • Practitioner Network Services Discounts
  • Discounts on all Purchases
  • Educational Articles & Ebooks
  • Annual Membership $250
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$ 125 /Annually
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